Where Technology Innovation and Real Estate Converge

NADSCO has the unparalleled expertise, experience, and networks to source and drive the delivery of revolutionary technologies to enhance value for commercial real estate by:

  • Identifying new technologies with a low barrier of entry that will quickly offer a Return on Investment
  • Developing technology implementation strategies with minimal impact on asset owners
  • Collaborating with CRE owner and operators for adoption
  • Determining revenue streams and life-cyle operations plans
  • Managing turn-key technology installation
  • Providing technology maintenance and maturation


Opportunities for Technology Companies

Bridging new technology development to sales and deployment

A NADSCO strategy for a new technology will:
  • Align an innovator’s strategic direction to business drivers and revenue opportunities
  • Package and integrate horizon technologies to enhance ROI
  • Reduce the total cost of initial deployment and ownership
  • Accelerate roll-out and adoption of new technologies

Opportunities for Real Estate

Real estate has historically relied on innovation to enhance revenue. From the first elevators in multi-story buildings to air conditioning changing how buildings are designed, real estate owners and operators use new technologies to maximize asset value.
The real estate industry is undergoing a significant disruption driven by workforce efficiency and access to new technology capabilities. In a highly competitive environment, tenants want their workforce to have the latest amenities and access to revolutionary technologies in a collaborative environment not available remotely.

NADSCO brings new PROPTECH and rent roll opportunities to real estate partners with ease and immediate benefit through innovation in:

  • Enhanced Digital Connectivity
  • In-building high speed digital services
  • New advertising and collaborative technologies
  • Rooftop and exterior surface leasing
  • Digital architecture and network planning
  • Technology Audits
  • Cyber Security

Opportunities for Telecommunications

Enhancing Network Coverage and Resilience

NADSCO and partners can deliver capabilities on short notice to:

  • Reduce the costs and time to build broadband backhaul infrastructure in both urban and rural areas
  • Expand network service to under-served areas at low cost
  • Improve the reliability, resilience and performance of existing networks
  • Meet the increased bandwidth demand for large gatherings and special events
  • Quicky restore connectivity when existing backhaul infrastructure is damaged or disrupted