Nadira Ramgarib

Founder / Managing Partner
Nadira Ramgarib is the founder and managing partner of Nadsco.  In this role, her key focus is on creating strategic partnerships, assembling end to end packaged solutions, scaling her leadership team and establishing a world class client care experience.  Nadira has assembled a team of world-renowned business leaders from all corners of the technology and CRE who are helping her establish a blue ocean approach that is laying the groundwork for innovation in global scaled technology deployment solutions.  Nadira and her team are committed to achieving cutting edge solutions to some of the most current challenging initiatives such as connectivity for underserved communities. Prior to starting Nadsco, Nadira enjoyed a broad and diverse career at the intersection of technology, network deployment and commercial real estate. After holding key positions in legal, commercial real estate and technology companies, Nadira co-founded LKR, a technology installation and deployment company.  Through her many professional endeavors, Nadira has gained extensive experience in developing businesses from the ground up and translating between sectors in the commercial real estate and technology worlds. Nadira hails from the island nation of Trinidad, from which she emigrated to America at the age of 16 with her mother.  She currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.  She is committed to the philosophy of “doing well, while doing good” and is living proof the American dream is still alive today.